Top 5 Money Saving Tips You Must Know

We all know how the ever-rising inflation has chopped our spending power. No matter how hard we labor to bring home some extra pounds, still we can’t compensate for the above worldwide economic problem. And, it doesn’t help, if you are residing in one of most posh cities in the world like London, New York, or Paris.

 The price rise is not the only culprit, we too are at fault, because over the years, we have tailored the meaning of “daily necessities” to our liking, as stuff like Smartphone, car, are a luxury no more and they are for our comfort. Now, what is the solution? Leading a budget-conscious lifestyle is the way forward if you are really serious about the future of your kids, your retirement, and wish to live a happy life devoid of monetary hiccups. Plus, this lifestyle doesn’t entirely get in the way of quality of life we live.

Roll down and check out top 5 money saving tips you must know:

  1. Order water as a substitute for fizzy drinks at the bistro

We all know how costly carbonated drinks are in the restaurant, or any other eatery outlet. Therefore, why to subject yourself to such pinching expenses when you have the option of ordering fresh water? And, it is generally free, or will cost you a penny or two. Plus, you are hydrating your body without the intake of extra calories and sugar.  Using food coupons at the bistro is not a bad suggestion either!

  1. Dim your screens

This is one of the most underrated simple yet effective tips. There is no rocket science, it saves “electricity,” and a low monthly utility bill is directly proportional to the money in the bank. Furthermore, this tip will also reduce your eyes strain and fatigue. Isn’t that a perfect healthy-wealthy idea?

  1. Make use of sun’s power


Cloth spinners suck a huge amount of energy to rotate and produce heat! So, Instead of operating the dryer for hours to dry out you’re freshly washed laundry, hang them outside beneath the exposure of sun’s warm rays in your backyard (especially in summers).

  1. Breathe life into your old movable furnishings

Tossing your dull furniture into the dump yard (until and unless they are completely damaged) is not a great wallet-friendly idea for house owners. It’s time to dapper that old stuff by contacting a furniture professional in your town. Even through, such services don’t come at the cost peanuts, but still will be half the price of goods (cheaper than new) you are going to select from a movable goods gallery.

  1. Save money in the piggy bank


Dropping some part of your earnings in a piggy bank may sound childish, but work’s if you’re really keen on keeping aside some dollars for the bad days in your life (last week of a month for salaried workers).


At last, it is probable that you’ll do your wallet a favor by incorporating some of the above easy money saving tips in your daily routine for a better today and tomorrow.


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